First Open Day in the Shapeways Eindhoven Office

We were all very
excited to get visitors at the Eindhoven Office. Models were put into
place and desks and closets were tidied up.

3 o’clock we opened the doors to welcome our community who came all the
way to our office. We hit it off with some chit chats while enjoying
drinks and cake then it was time to show them around the office. First
it was Customer Service’s turn, where fun is the key word, AC/DC
on the wall, pictures of employees, decoration and lights give a
positive vibe. Next stop the Supply Chain Department, Marcel (Supply
Chain Manager) talked about our vision and how Shapeways is conquering
the market. Then we hopped to
the production department where Remco gave us an insight into how
trays are built for your 3D prints. Moving downstairs to the most exciting part, the cages
where our BEASTS
, the 3D printers roar. Final stop was a visit to our Shipping Department where the models are in-bounded and sent to you with a love stamp.

The community members had a lot of questions which we could immediately answer. For all the European community members that couldn’t be there you know you missed out. See you at the next open day on Friday December 2nd.

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  1. Stijn van der Linden

    Thanks guys, it was a blast!

    It was very insightful and we got a good glimpse into the real hard work you guys all put in!

    A lot of the info would probably form a nice blog too, as unfortunately I forgot too much as I failed to take notes last time ;-)

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