The Atlantic Council Asks: Could 3D Printing Change the World?

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The Atlantic Council’s latest Strategic Foresight Initiative Report focuses on 3D printingCould 3D Printing Change the World? Technologies, Potential, and Implications of Additive Manufacturing.

A new technology is emerging that could change the world. 3D
Printing/Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a revolutionary technology that
could profoundly alter the geopolitical, economic, social, demographic,
environmental, and security landscape of the international system. AM
builds products layer-by-layer—additively—rather than subtracting
material from a larger piece of material—that is, “subtractive”
manufacturing. This seemingly small distinction—adding rather than
subtracting—means everything.
This potential revolution in
manufacturing may take a decade or more to mature and become ubiquitous,
but it could profoundly change our world in the next ten to twenty

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