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Shapeways at Dutch Design Week

Shapeways will be representing 3D printed awesomeness at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven from 22-30 October 2011.

Joining us this year to help spread the love will be Shapeways community members Virtox of assorted awesomeness, Tristan of Shoe burger and 3D scanned fantastic, Bo & Tim of Strandbeest fame along with 3D ninja Dotsan and sculptor Catharina van de Ven with her Hybride Male sculptures.

If you are in Eindhoven come and visit us at Stand 62 Klokgebouw, Klokgebouw 50, 5617 AB Eindhoven, entry is free and along with the Shapeways booth there will be plenty of contemporary design to inspire…  While you are there come along to our 3D printing meetup for a beer and get to know your local Shapeways community members in an informal show & tell session.

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