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Believing in magic : Introducing Carine to the Shapeways Team

Introducing Carine, the latest addition to the Shapeways team that you will see posting on the blog, at Shapeways events such as Dutch Design Week and generally taking Shapeways into the wild frontiers (hence photo). Duann…

Hello everyone! I’m Carine and am thrilled to be joining the team as Marketing Communications Manager. My goal is to spread the word about the inspiring designs and innovations emerging from our community, and hopefully create more opportunities for people to experience the possibilities of personal manufacturing firsthand.

When I initially heard about Shapeways and 3D printing, I experienced a jaw-dropping, wide-eyed sensation that can be found on kids’ faces when they watch footage of the universe for the first time, or perhaps when an ice-cream truck drives by… Still, every time I see a product take shape from a digital design, it’s hard to believe it’s possible. By taking ownership of the production process, the Shapeways community is fundamentally changing the way we create and interact with the stuff in our lives. After meeting talented Shapies and further exploring your beautiful designs, I’m increasingly convinced that this community is “bringing the future into the present,” so the saying goes.

Over the years, I’ve spent some time in the future, or at least helped others plan for it. Before joining Shapeways, I consulted various organizations from universities to jewelry companies to magazines on their digital media and marketing strategies. I’m hoping to bring what I learned to this community and help designers share their work with the broadest possible audience. In my other life, I spent some time working in bioethics and thinking about very futuristic things like the ethics of long-term space flight to Mars. I try to keep my head in the clouds by writing about innovations in technology, art, and design, including blogging and tweeting. I’m also involved in the NY tech and arts communities – helping out with Urban Word NYC is one labor of love.

As a Los Angeles native, I naturally love storytelling. As such, I’m looking forward to getting to know you better and help share your stories – your designs, inspirations, and ideas. It should be a lot of fun given the amount of raw talent in this community, and I definitely encourage everyone to keep using the “It Arrived” section of the forum so we don’t miss any of your gems. On a personal note, I’m struck by the number of products I need/want/love. It’s hard to select “favorites” given how many great products there are on the site, but here are a few of the designs that caught my eye:

I’m honored to join an awesome team and be a part of this community. I know that together, we’ll continue to democratize creation and be at the forefront of this design revolution. Just be warned, I’m notorious for well-delivered bad jokes.

Happy shaping πŸ™‚

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