Using Maya and Shapeways for 3D printing

We have a brand new tutorial live that shows you how to export from Maya to Shapeways using the COLLADA file format. This tutorial was made by Shapeways member Bryan Vaccaro aka bvicarious.

Bryan did an awesome job in making a tutorial that shows you exactly how to do this using the ColladaMaya plug-in by Feeling software. The tutorial has lots of screenshots and also shows you how to clean up your model using Maya, how to check for inverted normals and how to hollow your model out. I think it will be a great resource to help more Maya modelers get into 3D printing. We’re very happy with another community made tutorial and would like to thank Bryan very much for it!

Check out the tutorial here. If there are other people out there that would like to share their expertise with other software packages then send me an email to joris (at) shapeways (dot) com.

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