Analog to Digital to Analog : Glitch Reality II

Glitch Reality II is a lovely project by Matthew Plummer-Fernandez that takes real objects, digitizes them then makes them real again with 3D printing while allowing the artifacts of the process to remain.

A tea set was created by purchasing non-matching tea set components,
scanning them with a Z-corporation 3D scanner and roughly repairing the
digital mesh files. The mesh files are then 3D printed to create an
instance of this tea-set data that inherits the glitches from the
analogue-to-digital-to-analogue translation.

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez studied MA Design Products at the Royal
College of Art (2007 -2009) soon after a BEng Computer-Aided Mechanical
Engineering at Kings College London (2002 – 2005). Since then he has
received commissions through ArtsCo, Selfridges, It’s Nice That, Digit,
Designersblock and Mint Shop.

via Creative Applications.

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