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What an awesome day it has been for Shapeways and it’s community in the press with an article in Forbes and a feature on Dutch television, the personal manufacturing movement is gathering more momentum by the day.

 The article in Frobes featured an interview by Adam Ludwig with Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen on the rise of personal manufacturing

Q. Shapeways is part of a larger movement of technology-driven DIY culture. Beyond manufacturing, what’s next?

A. What’s happening with the democratization of production is game
changing. With this at your fingertips, the world is a different place.
Having access to this kind of technology will change the way products
are consumed and developed. Think of the fact that you can mix materials
on an almost molecular level. Next, you’ll be able to create new
materials that we’ve never had before. You can mix strong and soft
materials. You can engineer how a product will break if you put too much
stress on it. Mix electronics into it, and we’ll see things you can’t
even imagine now.

As part of the Shapeways community you are already well aware of the massive potential of 3D printing to create and sell your own products in a way that has never been available to independent makers without massive investment in tools and raw materials.  We usually see that the Shapeways Shop owners will share in the increased interest that this press coverage generates with increased sales so make sure your shops are up to date with great images and descriptions. 

If you have a great story or project to share that may interest the press, share it in the ‘It Arrived’ forum so we can use it as a case study next time we talk to the press. 

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