Hi community, I have asked our head polisher Michel to explain more
about the polishing process used for our Polished White Strong and Flexible 3D prints. 

One of our core values is fun,
Michel is it fun working with the polisher?

Yes it is, as long as the small stones don’t get stuck inside bracelets
and other stuff J

Do you have a special name for
the two polishers?

No actually we don’t just the small and the big polisher…No big beast
or something similar, but if you can come up with other names you can comment
on this blog.

On average how much time a day
do you spend on polishing?

Really depends on the amount of orders coming in from our production,
I’d say 1 to 2 hours a day on average. And in total the models go in the
polisher for about 3 hours. We’ll put in
around 50 models but we’ve had around 200 models in it as well so it really
depends on the kind of models.

What material is in the

Is it ceramics combined with water. The models usually get some time to
dry, it goes quite fast though so no need to let them dry for a long period of

When do you make the call to use
the small polisher, is that based on dimension. And if yes, what dimensions or
just the tiniest parts (connections or puzzles)?

I usually only do the really small parts in the small polisher because
they’ll get lost/squashed in the big one. Also when models look very fragile I
usually put them in the small one (if they fit that is).

Do you have additional
information that you want to share?

Keep the polished models coming đŸ˜€