RIP Steve Jobs : A 3D Printed Tribute

News in that Steve Jobs has passed away, whether you are an Apple fan or not (there is no in between) Steve has been a pivotal player in the way we interact with technology.  Taking the computer into the broader public realm, redefining the music industry and the way in which we listen to music, changing the cell phone into a portable computing device, even helping to take computer animation into the cinemas and children’s dreams with Pixar.   Following are some designs on Shapeways inspired by Steve Jobs and Apple..

UPDATE: It is a sad day for the Jobs Family and Apple, my thoughts go first to them.  I woke up to the news (in Australia), and thought of all the amazing things Steve Jobs has achieved in and outside of Apple and I really wanted to pay tribute to the amazing work he has done.  I did not intend this to be a sales pitch for designs on the Shapeways site, but to show how he has inspired others to be innovative and creative as well.  Steve jobs has changed the world for many of us, his vision will live on through his achievements, but his presence will be missed.

Steve Jobs bust Designed by: sevensheaven

Steve Jobs Bust by Sevens Heaven

Padfoot Stand for iPad by Michiel Cornelissen 

Wearable SmartPhone for iPhone 4 large ring by HwangJiwoon Inc. 

Audio Dock-iPod Touch by Dizingof 

Tarsier for iPhone 4: The iPhone Magnifier Case! by Nulogia

Steve Jobs Bust
by Sevens Heaven


IPhone “Settings” Earrings by noesis


  1. roofoo

    Wow, that’s kind of low using a tragedy to promote business, don’t you think?

    1. Duann

      I am sorry, I did not mean any disrespect, I just wanted to show that Steve has inspired individuals to design around the products he developed with Apple.
      If it were Bill Gates or Michael Dell there would be little or no designs by individuals on Shapeways.
      He has made an amazing difference to our world, this is evidenced on Shapeways, I just wanted to share this.

    2. roofoo

      Ok, gotcha. Indeed, he was like a modern day Tesla.

    3. Duann

      Thanks Roofoo,

      I have updated the post to better explain myself, it was a bit of a shock to wake up to this morning. As I look around me I see the utter reliance I have on his legacy and am thankful for his vision and execution.

  2. Andy

    Steve Jobs did a lot to make computing more accessible to the world.

    I commend him for that.

  3. Dizingof

    “Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

    – Steve Jobs

    Rest In Peace.

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