Updated Shipping Costs

Hey all,

We have made our transition from the old prices to the new prices. We realize there are some bugs in the system and are literally working around the clock to solve the issues.

Some of you may have already noticed that since our original announcement we have moved some more countries down our shipping tier. The following is the updated shipping costs:

Shipping Cost Applicable Countries
$6.50 United States, Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
$9.50 All EU Countries, Switzerland, Norway, San Marino, Vatican, Andorra, Liechenstein
$19.99 Rest of the world

Note that Belgium and Luxembourg are in the $6.50 shipping class; and that Switzerland, Norway, San Marino, the Vatican, Andorra, and Liechenstein are in the $9.50 shipping class.


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  1. Anonymous

    ohhh the Pope is going to be pissed off ! :D

  2. janis

    the only buy i see that it is ups..

    would be so great to use other provider…

  3. Anthony

    The updated shipping is not very good news for Australians.
    I would prefer cheaper options rather than fast and expensive postage.
    Paying $19.99 minimum makes it no long worth the while for me to use Shapeways. :(

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