Friday Finds: 3D Printed Designs From the Shapeways Community

Below are three picks to get us back in the groove with our Friday Finds. If you’re looking to uncover more, check out the It Arrived section of our forum, or the Shapeways tumblr. For all of you designers, we want to keep a steady pipeline of great content, which means we need more great photos of your work! Here’s a reminder of what we’re looking for. Happy Friday!

leo rolph achieved beautiful, crisp detail in his Tyre Ring, printed in Silver:

bdeaver did a great job of adding some bling to his Frosted Ultra Detail Pug Ornament:

novaking’s continues to play off the skeletal design theme with the Skellpod, his latest piece in Silver:


  1. Anonymous

    Ana, the Tyre ring is Silver… you need to read the entire thread – he used special process to make it look like this.

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