How to photograph 3D printed objects

So you’ve received your Shapeways model and you want to share it with the world? You may find that it’s not always easy to take a good photograph that nicely shows all the fine details of your work. Unless you take great care in setting everything up properly, the details can easily ‘wash out’. We gathered a few tutorials on product photography that will help you:

Intro to Product Photography
“These particular tips are intended for shooting small to medium sized projects that can be maneuvered relatively easily, and put in a studio environment. But even if your particular project doesn’t fit these criteria, many of the tips I’ll be giving are universal, and can be applied to any photographic documentation”.

How to Photograph a White Object on White Background

A short but useful list of tips.

How to Photograph Dark Colored Objects (interesting for detail photography)

“When photographing dark colored clothing, do like the pros do! Take a ‘normal’ photo then zoom in on the texture. The trick to is all is to create shadows where you want and need them. That will give your dark item the depth you are looking for!”

DIY Light box for product photography
“Building a light box is pretty easy stuff. A light box is particularly useful for product photography where you need a nice white background. Many people find that their products will actually sell faster with a more professional looking photo. Here you’ll find a step by step on how to build your own DIY light box”

Do YOU have any tips or links that really helped you improve your photography? Leave them in a comment and we’ll add them to the list!

(Image: Madebydan Platter)

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