How To Create a Shapeways Shopping Cart for your own External Shop

This tutorial is for those with a bit of HTML prowess and want to use the Shapeways Shopping Cart to sell your 3D prints from your own external shop.  Plugging into the Shapeways API it offer levels of customization and complexity not possible with the Shapeways Widget.

Take a look at the tutorial, experiment with your own website, share your examples and let us know if this is something you would like integrated into your Shapeways Shop to sell your own 3D printed designs?


  1. Erica Schwartz

    awesome!!! can’t wait to try this. it might even make me sell through shapeways.

  2. Erica Schwartz

    i take it back. your new pricing structure will not make it worth trying to sell through you. it already pretty much wasn’t worth it, now it’s definitely not.

    1. Magic

      We could do that with FUD or FD using the wax for the bones…

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