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How to make Pawfect soap molds with Shapeways 3D Printing

Want to make your own soaps with 3D printing, the perfect personalized gift? Take a look how Fredrik Perman of the Product Farm and his girlfriend used 3D printing to make his own Pawfect Suds.

The Pawfect Suds paw print shape for our silicone mold finally arrived from Shapeways! We’re really excited to get some OOMOO silicone compound and start experimenting with making actual “negative” silicone molds from this “positive” soap shape.

 I played around with the compound for a few hours and created a circular mold cavity from a 3″ rubber plumbing clamp cut down to the proper height. After a test run and minor adjustments, I managed to create a perfect “negative”  silicone mold.

 After making a few more silicone molds, we’ve finally had a chance to make some soap. The project has turned out great and Pawfect Suds has now opened it’s online store within the next two weeks. On a limited budget we’ve managed to create a home made, yet very professional grade soap for dogs that can be produced freshly per demand.

This really shows today’s capabilities when combining quality 3D printing technology, easily available silicone compounds and an unique dog soap recipe. A successful natural product overhaul.

Thanks to The Product Farm

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