Here at Shapeways we’ve been making huge improvements to our packaging process, and we’re getting ready to go live. We realize right now the products are are coming in pretty intense packaging.  There’s the crime scene tape, the scotch tape, the bubble bags, the poly bags, and the multicolored peanuts. It’s a regular fiesta in a box.

We’ll be starting incrementally with 25% of your orders going in brand spanking new air fill wrap. Peanuts be gone. In the coming weeks you’ll be seeing a myriad of other changes  – I won’t ruin the surprise! Just know it’s coming, it’s coming fast, and we couldn’t be more excited. Aesthetics aside, our redesign is 100% environmentally friendly. We’re doing everything and anything we can to make sure your product reaches you safely, unbroken, and hand in hand with the environment.