New Packaging for your 3D Prints

Here at Shapeways we’ve been making huge improvements to our packaging process, and we’re getting ready to go live. We realize right now the products are are coming in pretty intense packaging.  There’s the crime scene tape, the scotch tape, the bubble bags, the poly bags, and the multicolored peanuts. It’s a regular fiesta in a box.

We’ll be starting incrementally with 25% of your orders going in brand spanking new air fill wrap. Peanuts be gone. In the coming weeks you’ll be seeing a myriad of other changes  – I won’t ruin the surprise! Just know it’s coming, it’s coming fast, and we couldn’t be more excited. Aesthetics aside, our redesign is 100% environmentally friendly. We’re doing everything and anything we can to make sure your product reaches you safely, unbroken, and hand in hand with the environment.


  1. Todd Blatt

    I can’t wait to start chucking the whole box into the recycling bin instead of throwing away bags of peanuts!

  2. Todd Blatt

    I got my first package today. It’s great!

    Bad news for those of you expecting to make lots of popping sounds with the bubble wrap though… the bubbles are connected, so you can’t pop them like normal! No fun =(

  3. Kiran Chicoine

    Just remember, “Less [peanuts] is more!”
    Maybe have some of the recycled brown paper they use in like UPS stores for the pointy models, especially the metal ones that might pop the bubbles.

  4. Anonymous

    Are you folks going to start sizing the boxes more appropriately to the contents? I recently recieved an order that could fit in a coffee mug, but it came in a box as large as my desktop computer tower.

    1. Kegan Fisher

      Yes! This is happening. We’re going to start using a more structural cardboard box / box type so we won’t have to worry about small parts going in smal boxes, and getting squashed by UPS.

  5. Jeff

    Thank goodness, it’s about time. Very happy about this!

  6. Chuck

    This is great, I’ve been going crazy throwing out garbage bags full of foam peanuts! I definately second recycled brown or newspaper.

  7. Sean Wagner

    That’s really fantastic and a long time coming. *cough* Like my WSF parts!

  8. Erica Schwartz

    hooray! i’m so glad to see the end of the peanuts. i’m almost done re-using what i thought was going to be an inexhaustible supply. halleluyah!

    PS my dog would have preferred the corn starch peanuts since he thinks they’re snacks. i therefore appreciate the bubble wrap all the more.

  9. Shapeways Blog

    Our friends at UPS have introduced a new service that will allow you to have a little more control over how and when your Shapeways 3D prints are delivered. As a UPS My Choice Member you can reschedule, redirect, or give authorization online for UPS

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