Wall painted animation, 3D printed prosthetics, tattoos

The confluence between animation and street
art is bound to be something that I enjoy. This
is a video showing you a wall painted animation
. As in an
animation made up of graffiti. It is like one of those ‘flip books’
that people used to have, only the city is your flip book.

Nike has 3D printed an individual prosthetic for an athlete. I do love the idea of a large company using its resources to do something nice. And cool, highly functional prosthetic legs and arms would be good for atletes who need them. But there is something quite scary about Nike making replacements for body parts.

There are already lots of people that have Nike Swoosh tattoo’s: this gentleman has one on his wrist, this guy has one on his chest, this giant Swoosh across someone’s back is rather too much though.

There seem to be rather a lot more people though who have the Apple logo etched into their skin. I’m not sure what makes people tattoo a corporate logo on themselves. Where will it all end? Oh..I nearly forgot, this is where it will end.

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