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Product Page Updates and More

The Shapeways development, engineering and UX teams have been working to make the Shapeways site better for makers, sellers and buyers.  We have taken into account your feedback on the recent product page update and will continue to hone the page to make using Shapeways fast, intuitive and fun.  

We will be entering a phase of continuous change on the Shapeways website as we push really hard to bring the entire site up to the level of usability needed.  We want to make the site as awesome as the service. We will try and keep you informed of major changes before they go live, but changes at lower levels will need to be put into place continuously. Please continue to give us feedback in the forums as we push these features live so we can continue to make the site work for makers, shop owners and buyers.

We will be putting into place a formal system for your feedback outside of the regular forums so that we can better track, rank and implement your feedback, we will give you more information as it goes live.

Some of the 41 fixes going live in the next update include

  • Bug UX, UI, IE8 display/layout issues
  • Shop section functionality on product details page
  • HTML characters in model title now correctly shown
  • Not for sale items show true value to shopper
  • edit description field show complete description
  • Remember currency ($ or €) selection
  • Fix the product description section
  • Fix presentation/layout for comment section
  • Add functionality to remove a model
  • analytics tracking code on model pages
  • Small browser window horizontal scrollbar
  • Remember last state on Product Detail page—either Edit or View—for logged in accounts
Thanks to all who have given us feedback in the forums, keep them coming. If you want to join the Shapeways team, check out our Jobs page, we are currently on the lookout for a software engineer and VP of Product.

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