3D Systems Heads South

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Continuing the business strategy of broad acquisition, 3D Systems has now bought Australian based rapid prototyping service Formero and with that XYZ Innovation

Unlike previous acquisitions, 3D systems has chosen this time to rebrand the businesses as 3D systems Asia-Pacific, making it abundantly clear with a ‘Who was Formero?’ tagline on the XYZ Innovation site..

Will this mean cheaper, faster 3D printing in Australia? Will XYZ continue to sell MTT SLM machines or will it become a 3D Systems only ecosystem? Will the company formerly known as Formero still provide Objet, FDM and EOS 3D printing services?


  1. Anonymous

    Short answer: No.

    I was looking at an Objet printer through XYZ and have now been informed they will no longer be the reseller.

    1. Duann

      Oooh, thanks Anon,

      Interesting move since there product though in some instances comparable, does not have the same features…

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