Hybride Male: 3D Printed Forms meet Traditional Sculptural Techniques

Dutch artist Catharina van de Ven has produced Hybride Male, a stunning series of works that uses Shapeways 3D printing and some incredibly impressive post processing and casting techniques to explore the surface properties of the form.

The Project is an exploration of Male Power and Female Strength:

I designed a (male) work in clay which I wanted to execute as smooth and symmetric as possible. As smooth and appealing in shape as a car. Male Power I named it.  Its about power, tenacity, sexuality, so I gave it shoulders, claws and a scrotum, all male features a man need, and a woman likes in a man.

Catharina van de Ven then enlisted the help of Shapeways community member and artist enabler DotSan to turn her vision into a 3D printable file.  Catharina then had some models sprayed using an automotive finish and a limited edition of eight cast in bronze..

It is fantastic to see an artist produce works of such high caliber that explore the existing material of 3D printing as well as post processes and even casting.

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