3D Print Yourself with Just Two Photos and ShapeMe by Archipelis

3D print a miniature version of yourself with just two photos and ShapeMe (developed by Archipelis).

Shapeways community member Archipelis has developed a really fun and mildly addictive app that lets you make a miniature version of yourself with NO 3D modeling skills needed. You simply download the ShapeMe app, take a front on and profile head shot of yourself, use the simple interface to map your head onto a range of bodies and you are ready to 3D print in our new full color… You can also add other elements such as hair, glasses and a base.

ShapeMe is currently only for Windows but soon to be released in the Apple app store so you can also use ShapeMe on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch..  Being so easy to use it is a perfect way to get friends and family to start playing around with 3D printing.  What better gift for grandma than a miniature grandchild to put on the mantlepiece, or perhaps you could do a personalised wedding topper, with the bride and groom imortalised in full color.  Whatever you choose to do the ShapeMe is fun and easy. Take a look at the gallery of ShapMes so far.

Check out the tutorial page (download link is in the tutorial page), and the video below to get started.


Few things we noticed while playing with the app:

1) It’s very important when constructing your face, to place the red dot on the tip of your nose. Don’t worry about the face frame, you can adjust it later
2) If you find that your face shape looks odd in the end, click the back button and readjust your face frames. Usually, it takes a few go to get it perfect
3) At the last screen (the one with the spinning head), try to eliminate as much flash as you can, and brighten the colors. It’s very important for print quality to take the picture in a well lit room and/or adjust the color well. Most cameras we find take too dark of pictures to be printed at a realistic quality.

A massive thanks to Archipelis for making such a fun app, keep an eye on their website to see more awesome 3D tools. We hope that you find this app nifty, and let us know if you are making or know of somebody making apps that would nicely plug into Shapeways.

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  1. Stony Smith

    Now.. This is a COOL idea! Good work!

  2. Tula

    Awesome! Personalized action figures are way cool!

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  4. christina

    please make this for android!!!

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