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FAQs Shops

How do I make money?

Each object has a Standard Price that includes fees associated with selling. You simply set your mark up for each product. When you sell an item, we keep the standard price and we send you the markup. An additional 3.5% transaction fee will be charged on all markups.

For example, if you markup an item by $20, an additional fee of $0.70 will be charged (that is 3.5% of the $20). We charge this fee to cover our administrative costs and Paypal payment costs.

How will you pay me?

We will pay your accrued shop markups minus the 3.5% Markup Fee to your PayPal account once a month on the 15th. Generally it will work like this: Your markup is ready for payment to you as soon as the item is shipped, up until 11:59PM UTC on the 14th. So if your item is shipped by the 14th, you will get paid the markup for that item the very next day on the 15th. If it is shipped on the 15th or 16th, you will be paid the following month on the 15th. If you have US$50.00 of accrued markups on the 16th of March, your payment will be sent out to you by the 15th of April. Thus we will make payments to you a maximum of 32 days after the date they were accrued.

Please be aware that if you earn less than US$30, then the amount will not be paid, but will accrue to your account until such time as it becomes equal to or greater than US$30.

How do I track my sales?

On your 'My Sales' page you can see a list of all your sales, including pending and confirmed sales. Every time you sell a product you will receive an email. On the 15th of each month, an invoice is sent out to you which lists all the markups you have earned and that Shapeways will pay (i.e. the confirmed sales), provided that they total at least $30 before markup fee and before VAT, if applicable.

Can I buy items from my own shop?

Yes you can buy items from your own shop. You will NOT have to pay a markup to yourself.

Can I buy at Shapeways and pay with my accrued markups?

At the moment you can not pay with your accrued markups, but we are working hard to get this option available to you.

What happens if a customer is unsatisfied?

Shapeways will deal with all customer service. We want to enable you to have great designs and sell them. If an issue in your design is raised by a customer, we will inform you and work with you to improve it.

If a customer returns the product or gets a refund, Shapeways will refund the customer and still pay you your markup, but will endeavor to work with you to resolve the issue so it does not happen again. If there are recurring returns and/or refunds on your product, we will reserve the right to remove it from sale until the issue is resolved.

If a customer cancels their order before it has shipped, Shapeways will refund them and not pay your markup. In your My Sales page, you would see this in pending sales, but it would not make it to confirmed sales. Once the item is shipped of course, Shapeways pays you your markup, regardless of whether a customer is unsatisfied.

Can I upload a Nike Swoosh, a nice design I found somewhere etc.?

No. You can only upload your own original work or work that you have the rights to. As a designer, you warrant that your content shall be your original creation and not be copied from any other third party and/or entity. If you are not the designer, you warrant that you have the right to upload, promote, sell, transmit or otherwise distribute the content via the Shapeways Shops.

What about the rights, copyright of my model?

The rights of the model will always remain with you. You simply give us permission to fulfill customer orders, manufacture the product and you will receive a markup per sale. We will further have the right to use the content that you have uploaded for promotional purposes. You can remove your product from Shapeways whenever you want to. This will terminate all the licenses granted to us.

What about tax?

This depends whether you are part of the EU or not. If not, payments to you will not include VAT (tax, value added tax, BTW). If you are located in the EU your payments to you will only include VAT if you are a registered Dutch business. Private persons and non-Dutch European companies will not charge VAT to Shapeways for their earnings. Please make sure that is it your responsibility to collect, report and remit the correct tax to the appropriate tax authority.

Am I responsible for selling, production, shipping?

The customer that buys a product enters into an agreement with Shapeways. We will handle all legal matters with the customer. You will get a license (royalty) fee for the use of your design. You will not enter into a legal agreement with the customer. You enter into a legal agreement with us: we are allowed to use your design to sell products on Shapeways, if the design is sold you will get a license (royalty) fee (markup).

Will the mark up affect my rights?

In principle, No. By adding a product to the Shop you give us permission to use your design to produce a physical copy of your design. We will sell this physical copy and in turn give you a royalty fee (the markup fee you set yourself). At any time you can remove your design from Shapeways.

What about income tax?

You will need to declare any income as income on your tax statement. The legal situation will vary in different countries, currently our lawyers are sorting out the different situations but we would recommend that you check with your local tax authority or small business organizations.

What happens when I give Shapeways permission to use photographs or renderings for their marketing?

We will use those photographs for our website, posters and other marketing things. Whenever possible we will attribute you by saying that the product and design is yours. This does not alter your rights to the underlying design, it just gives us permission to use photographs to promote Shapeways and you.

How do I close a shop?

You close a shop by using the 'close shop' button on your shop management page. You will find a link to the 'shop management' page by clicking the 'edit my shop' button on your profile or from within your own shop.

If you or we terminate your account and / or close your shop, and you have less than US$30 in accrued but unpaid markups, we will send you your final payment on the next 15th of a month.



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