Shape Me Tutorial


Follow this demo to make your very own ShapeMe.

Step 1 | Take pictures

Take a picture of your face facing front, and one facing the side.

1) Be sure to take your picture in a well lit room. Dark pictures = dark prints
2) Resize the picture so it is under 1 MB, on some computers the application will crash for pictures over 1 MB
3) Crop the picture so that your face fills up the picture, this will make it easier to use in the application.
4) Make sure your ears are clearly visible in the side facing photo. Move your hair behind your ears of

Step 2 | Make a model of your head

Follow the tip boxes in blue, click the "next" button whenever you are done. You can always click the "back" button to return to a previous step. 

When framing the face, start by placing the red dot on the nose, then scale and rotate to fit the frame as closely to the head as possible. Don’t worry if the frame doesn’t quite fit, you will adjust it at the next step.

The important thing here is to make sure your nose, lips and eyes are in line.

Good color adjustment Too much flash from the camera Too dark

Be sure to adjust the color to your face correctly. Reduce as much flash from the camera as you can, and make sure your skin tone is not too shadowy.

Step 3 | Add a body

Click the “2. Add a Body” to select a body for your model. You can use the vertical zoom slider to adjust the size of the head and body. You can use the move button to draft the head around, or the rotate sliders to rotate the head. See below for the vertical slider:

The bigger you make the head, the shorter you should make the neck. Otherwise, the neck may break in the printing process. In fact, when the head is at its biggest, it’s best to eliminate the neck.

The bigger the head, the pricier your model will become, since head takes up a lot of volume and price will be calculated based on volume.

$37.93 $25.74 $23.63

Step 4 | Add extras

You can give your model now a custom hairstyle, facial accessories, or a basis to stand on. The hair and facial accessories as the following controls:

Choose a hairstyle, add some glasses, or a pedestal

Step 5 | Upload and purchase

After you are satisfied with your model, you can click the "Buy Me" button to upload to Shapeways. Be patient, it will take a while to upload, and for our robots to check and clean up the files. After the upload, you will be redirected to your ShapeMe's product page for purchase. 


Get started now!

Download ShapeMe

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Download ShapeMe
Only compatible with Windows machines for now

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Pricing depends on the size of your ShapeMe, but roughly…

2 inch bust (~5 cm) ~$20
3 inch bust (~7.5 cm) ~$40
4 inch miniature (~10 cm) ~$30
6 inch miniature (~15 cm) ~$70

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