HelpTutorialsHow your 3D printed product is made

How your 3D printed product is made

  • Design with your favorite 3D modeling software.
    READ: Supported Applications
  • Upload your 3D model to Shapeways.
    START: Upload Your 3D Design
  • Initial automated tests check your 3D model’s printability.
    READ: Automated & QA Engineer Checks
  • Select your desired material(s) and add your product(s) to the cart.
    READ: Materials Portfolio
  • Checkout and pay your order.
    READ: Price Info
    FOLLOW: See your order status
  • Our quality engineers check to make sure your products will 3D print properly.
    READ: Automated & QA Engineer Checks
  • Robots 3D print your products in the Shapeways factory nearest to you.
    VIDEO: How 3D printing works
  • Our production team cleans, polishes, and dyes your product(s).
  • Our quality team checks to make sure your product(s) are perfect.
  • Our distribution team packs and ships your product(s) to you.
  • UPS brings the 3D printed awesomeness to your door.
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