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Creating a design with moving parts

A few weeks ago I designed a Christmas decoration: a small angel with some movable parts. The result was awesome - check out {file}this little movie{/file} I made from it [2.4MB Quicktime]. In this short tutorial I'll teach you how to make a similar design yourself. All the necessary files (included the full Christmas angel) are included at the bottom!

The software I used is Inkscape and Blender (both free and open source software), but the steps are similar in other applications.

Let's get started!

First create the basic shape as a curve. I drew my original off a photograph that I imported first. Make sure it's perfectly symmetrical - add a few guides if necessary.

Next duplicate the shape and scale it down so that we get a nice outline. Inkscape offers a function called a 'Linked offset' that we can use - it'll create a copy of your curve that you can slim down (which is nicer than just scaling it). Select 'Select Path > Linked offset' from the menu and drag the control point to scale the curve. Repeat this a few times to get an even number of curves:

Now we'll combine the curves into areas. Select the outer, then the inner shape and select 'Path > Exclusion' from the menu. Use a fill color to check the result:

Export the image to a vector file format that you can import into your 3D application.

Import the curves, extrude them and apply a bevel to the curves. Even if you can hardly see it in the printed result, it will have a nicer feel to it.

Add hinges and make sure they're perfectly aligned along the same axis. Here's a screenshot of the hinges that I used, with measurements.

The design is simple; the only thing to tell is that I left a few gaps on the side to make it easier to remove the support material. Please keep in mind that I designed this model for our White Strong & Flexible material; other materials may need a larger air gap inside the hinge.

That's about it. Don't forget to share your results in the gallery or on the forum - we'd love to see what you created!


  • {file angel.svg}Angel - Inkscape .SVG document{/file}
  • {file}Angel - complete file (STL){/file}
  • {file hinge_5mm_unitmm.stl}Hinge - one hinge (STL){/file}

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