The Verse

This shop is here for those that model, collect science fiction from favorites of Film and TV. We hope you find things in here that make you smile. If you take pictures of any of our designs, please share them with us. We will give you full credit for the pic and paint. Also please leave a comment, telling us what you think about any of our designs. Thank You.

Shop Details
We are new too 3-D modeling. Majority of what you see here, we paid to have created specially for us. We are not actual 3D modelers. But we are learning. We try to offer a wide variety of items from 1/1000 scale table top gaming pieces, all the way up to Star Wars action figure add-on's like cargo crates. We have some stuff here for 1/87 scale model train layouts, as well as 1/87 scale parts for sci fi diorama's. We are just trying to break into the 28mm War Gaming world with crates and equipment for use with such games as Warhammer. As well as trying to bring a touch of Hollywood to our shop for those that may want a display piece.
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