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Here's a bit of history (I hope I dont sound too wikipedish)

It all started in november 2010, when a friend of mine introduced me to Rubiks Cubes. He was playing with one and I decided to learn. I then bought one, and extended my collection to about 20 cubes, and reduced it to 15 by making my first ever modification (by combining 9 cubes into a sort of forteress), and buying 4 other cubes... Most of the puzzes I really wanted did not exist yet, so I wanted to design my own puzzles and started using CAD softwares to design my own cubes in february 2010... I have now made a lot of progess and would like to thank all the twistypuzzles forum members for being so appreciative and supportive. Special thanks to my friend for motivating me, and to Karl-Heinz Diekmann and Claus Wenicker for printing the prototypes of my puzzles.

Welcome to my shop!

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Here are all the puzzles I designed, you can order them here, and have fun with them at home!