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Everthing is possible! Just send me a personal message with your thoughts and we'll see what I can do. Here is some info about the regular options I have available, in my experience they cover most needs.

I have six regular options available (To make things easier):

  • Standard Horizontal: Helix diameter 2,3cm, length 8 letter model 8,5cm (Scale: 1 Angstrom = 1,0mm), info: http://shpws.me/COaV
  • Standard Vertical:     Idem
  • Large Horizontal:      Helix diameter 3,4cm, length 8 letter model 12,5cm (Scale: 1 Angstrom = 1,5mm), info: http://shpws.me/MacS​
  • Large Vertical:          Idem
  • Huge Horizontal:       Helix diameter 4,6cm, length 8 letter model 17,0cm (Scale: 1 Angstrom = 2,0mm), info: http://shpws.me/MacX​
  • Huge Vertical:           Idem

The length of the models varies with the number of letters encoded in the model.

Just send me a personal message with the text you want to have encoded in de DNA Molecule 3D print, and which of the six options above you prefer. I will upload the model and notify you when it is ready for ordering.


How coding and decoding works:

This is the translation code I use to go from a text to a DNA code that is used in the 3D printed Molecule Model: A = Alanine = GCT, B = (Alanine) = GCA, C = Cysteine = TGC, D = Aspartic acid = GAT, E = Glutamic acid = GAG , F = Phenylalanine = TTT, G = Glycine = GGG, H = Histidine = CAT, I = Isoleucine = ATA, J = (Isoleucine) = ATC, K = Lysine = AAG, L = Leucine = CTC, M = Methionine = ATG, N = Asparagine = AAT, O = Pyrrolysine(unusual) = TAG, P = Proline = CCC, Q = Glutamine = CAG, R = Arginine = CGT, S = Serine = TCA, T = Threonine = ACT, U = Selenocysteine(unusual) = TGA, V = Valine = GTC, W = Tryptophan = TGG, X = (Valine) = GTA, Y = Tyrosine = TAC, Z = (Tyrosine) = TAT
This is based on the universal genetic code as explained here on wikipedia. As not all letters of the alphabet are encoded by an ordinairy amino acid, I also use some more exotic amino acids, they are encoding the letters O and U and are indicated above as (unusual). Then still not all leters are covered, so I have used some
arbitrary codes, these are the letters B, J, X and Z and are indicated by the amino acids between brackets.

Base coloring in the 3D print is according to Nucleic Acid Database (NDB) AtlasA = Adenine = Red, C= Cytosine = Yellow, G = Guanine = Green, T = Thymine = Blue. To decipher the code from the 3D print: Start reading from the strand of which the backbone ends with an orange (phosphor) atom. For the vertical models this leaves only one possibility because you have to start reading at the top.For horizontal that leaves two possibilities.

Example A: The letter "A" is encoded by the base triplet for Alanine which is "GCT". In the 3d print this is shown as "Green-Yellow-Blue".

Example B: The word "Molecule" in DNA code is "ATG TAG CTC GAG TGC TGA CTC GAG". In the 3D printed DNA Molecule Model this will be encoded as "Red-Blue-Green Blue-Red-Green Yellow-Blue-Yellow Green-Red-Green Blue-Green-Yellow Blue-Green-Red Yellow-Blue-Yellow  Green-Red-Green".

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Everything within the limits of 3d printing is possible, just send me a personal message with your thoughts. I have some regular options available to cover most needs. Check out my shop for details.


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