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Welcome to Labs from Fabs, from Indie Biotech!
As you may gather by the name, I aim to provide affordable lab equipment by leveraging on-demand printing services.

Many of the items I intend to supply would cost a small fortune to buy from industrial supply companies, simply because of their specialised nature.

As a home-lab enthusiast myself, I would like to push for a more mainstream option for the masses! In this spirit, all of my designs will be made available at or for those who have access to their own printers, under a Share-Alike Creative-Commons license.

I am a full time independent researcher, and I have ample past experience in the fields of Microbiology and Molecular Biology. I hope this will shine through in my designs.

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Cathal Garvey

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Lab Equipment for home Science/Biology enthusiasts and DIYbio, designed with simplicity, affordability, and efficacy in mind.
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