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MATERIALS UPDATE: 09/02/2015 Due to the change in Shapeway's design policies (again), I can no longer offer a garentee that anything in Transparent Detail will be printable. I have had several items now (which have been printed in that material before) bounce because of the changes to the design rules, which make it impossible or impractical for the model to be re-designed to compensate (including ridiculous increases in the size of hole requirements for cleaning, rather than printability of the actual model itself).

As of this then, date, then I can only garentee that models are printable in WSF, as that is the material for which they are primarily designed.

I will continue to offer TD for any models that are more likely to be able to print it (e.g. the 144 vehicles). So please be aware, if you wish to attempt a model printing in Transparent Detail and the option is still open, you can try to do so, but if it fails, it likely won't be fixable. (I will remove the option from older models as and when the issue comes up.)
Aotrs Shipyards models are designed primarily for miniature wargames.

All of the models large enough to physically accomodate it have a 3.4mm diameter hole, which is sufficient to fit in a typical plastic flying base/flight stand. Models too small for this have instead a flattened area, suitable for gluing to a stand, if necessary (e.g. particularly in the case of the Stone Portal Fleet).

For painting, we have found a cheap acrylic spray primer and then standard acrylic model paints produces pefectly good results.

RANGES: All ships of the same fleet in a range (or design company) are prefixed with a code to allow easy searching when organised by title. In addition, each fleet range has it's own shop section.Current fleet ranges:

Aotrs: Army Of The Red Spear vessels. Primarily supplementary vessels for the existing (mainly-scratch built) Aotrs fleet.

ASF: Alpha Strike Force. A high tech fleet.
(Many of whom's ship designs have been lurking around for decades!)

BDSC: BD Starship Corporation. A small starship manufacturer.

GDH: General Designs Hulls. The most prevalent starship manufacturer  in the galaxy, GDH starships are available on the open market and are frequently refitted by the end user. They have several series of ships, based on similar hull shapes.

GDAC: General Designs Auxillary Craft. A subsidiary of GDH who manufacture ancillary craft like shuttles and fighters.

SP: Stone Portal Fleet. A race of  mysterious ancient beings whose vessels derive their power from superspace portals. They are generally slow but tough.

SSA: Saturn Syndicate Ascendancy. A breakaway human faction that evolved from a series of megacorporations. (The SSA is an attempt to capture a more "atomic sci-fi" feel, akin to that in the works of Stewart Cowley's TTA series of books in particular.)

VA: Vivrathk Aggression. A race of highly vicious combatants.

XGA: Extra-Galactic Aliens: Little is known of these aliens, except that they come from a galactic cluster almost the opposite side of the universe.

MG: Manouvre Group models: Armoured combat vehicles range in 1/72 and 1/144 20th century (plus), featuring sci-fi and models otherwise difficult to obtain in other forms (e.g. the dirtbikes).
About This Shop
From the tireless, Lich-filled shipyards of the Army Of The Red Spear comes a range of starship miniatures, designed for tabletop gaming.


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