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$23.50 by NextCopter
$13.33 by dennisdereus
Looking for a light and simple frame to put your gopro under, for example, a quadcopter? Look no further! I printed this to have a nice red (fits m...
$22.92 by flyingfolk
A lightweight Frame for GoPro Hero 3. GoPro Hero 3 Frame by barspin, available under a Creative Commons - Attribution license.
$24.67 by NextCopter
$188.00 by joesant
Gopro Hero Cage/Grip
$38.15 by struppi112
Open sides allow cables to be plugged into camera for live feed video, charging, cooling and enhanced sound recording when used in non-windy locati...
$25.61 by einaros
Robust frame for the Hero3, which is vertically flipped, leaving the connector alongside the top button.
$26.72 by BravoZulu
1 Frame and 1 Pivot-Mount for GoPro Hero3, fits to "Herbert Richter" HR-4point-Mounts. Put a thin layer (1 to 2 mm) of foam rubber into the frame b...
$6.79 by BravoZulu
This adapter allows to use any common filter adapter on the GoPro Hero 3 housing. I took a 37 to 55mm filter adapter and cut out the shape of the G...