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$13.06 by Shaping_Infinity
If you are like the zombie kid and you like turtles, you should definitely get this pendant. A must for all the divers and fans of these beautiful ...
$90.00 by RareBreed
Prehistoric unicorn or "Thin Plate Beast", was a mammoth sized creature with a singular horn. Extinct giant rhinoceros from the Late Pleistocene, 2...
$41.08 by IKgraphics
Japanese beetle.
$30.00 by RareBreed
Isisaurus colberti model, an small 1:100 scale sauropod sculpture by RareBreed ©2012-2014. Larger version sauropod.
$112.00 by RareBreed
Large titanosaur sauropod sculpture, isisaurus model in 1:36 scale, by RareBreed ©2012-2014. Smaller sized copy.
$52.00 by RareBreed
A woolly prehistoric elephant model by ©2012-2014 RareBreed. Charging or running mastodon in 1:36 scale, from the Prehistoric Collection. Smaller...
$12.00 by RareBreed
Tiny pachyderm. Prehistoric miniature elephant by ©2012-2014 RareBreed.
$40.00 by RareBreed
Spiky running abelisaur replica, carnotaurus sastrei, in about 1:36 scale by ©2013-2014 RareBreed. Model on a 5 x 2.5 cm or 2 x 1 inch base and a...
$70.00 by RareBreed
Unique tropical fish, whale shark, in pendant form by RareBreed. Available in metal prints from the RareBreed Jewel Collection ©2012-2013.
$60.00 by RareBreed
A spiraling ram's horn pendant from RareBreed's Jewel Collection ©2012-2013.