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$4.36 by MarkSkarr
A 2-part Staff with 3.6mm pegs for modular action figures. Lower part of the staff is 50mm, upper part is 25mm- not counting the pegs. Reccomended...
$38.10 by ThorHayton
Staff Pendant. The Pendant also works on a key chain and as a custom zip. Product does not include leather cord, key ring, or zip connector.
$20.13 by evilmike
$12.12 by derwaffenmeister
Wooden Staff for MotU-Classics Series
$21.63 by evilmike
$16.83 by evilmike
$5.58 by scarletkitsune
Just like the one in the anime/manga Cardcaptor Sakura! This one is small enough to be worn around your neck though. Just loop a thin chain or rope...
$4.15 by NoahCox
This is the weapon of Graven from the "Angel Wars" series. To scale with your average 3 3/4 inch figure.
$15.52 by evilmike
$21.44 by evilmike