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$65.96 by ErrobaArt
Ropes form circles and hollow X structures and a delicate curve and a twist forms it into an elegant hollow necklace.
$4.02 by ammoniteA565
$6.50 by TreadshotA1
Note: Model includes 2 Shock Lasers. Linearity Cannon, Crash Striker and Crash Cannon not included.
$16.60 by m_sill
A drop target compatible with 80's Bally Pinball Machines. The multiplier value is engraved so as to not affect play and to ensure durability. If...
$6.24 by moltoys
Amino acid "X" represents synthetic molecules or molecules that are unidentified or unknown. Amino acids are known by there full names, their 3 le...
$45.86 by edrice
X shaped double ring in a size 6 US. If you want a specific size PM, or leave a comment below! A little cleaning was required when I received it. ...
$12.82 by matan1
ABC English letter - X
$45.58 by kuny808
Here is my Dranzer X designed from scratch! Based off the original first generation Dranzer Beyblade. All measurements and dimensions taken off fir...
$8.18 by WiseEvilEmu
The goal of this phone case is to create a case in which there is minimal material hiding the natural beauty of the iPhone 5. The case grabs the ph...
$27.50 by DesignbyDalton
Mod Pods are modular planter pods. Combine various Mod Pods to create your own unique hanging wall garden. There are endless combinations for an in...