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$28.08 by easymyman
$17.00 by Raedia
This chunky bracelet is 20 cm long so it should fit loosely around the average wrist. The built in toggle clasp makes it immediately wearable after...
$21.91 by WelshDesigns
Inspired by the Möbius Strip concept, this is a small bracelet like piece that has a small .25in dia ball that rols all around the "path" made by ...
$14.86 by WelshDesigns
This is just a lerger version of the Möbius Snake Bracelet offered in my store. This large version is about 3.0 in inside diameter.
$55.85 by jordantallent
A clamp for a wrist. I was planning to use this as part of a gauntlet type thing to wear on your forearm. Part of an exoskeleton design
$10.11 by juhov
Chain of 16 hearts. Use as a bracelet or other jewelry. Diameter of the chain is approximately 60-70mm.
$96.00 by Jabroni110787
love is forever bracelet
$6.38 by djgeenen
M - 61mm L - 66mm XL - 70mm
$26.24 by brtc
This is a GoPro Wrist Mount. With this mount, simply add a velcro strap and use your original housing to mount it to your wrist. You can attach it ...
$27.74 by Envinite
Stripes is a 3D printed bracelet for your iPod Nano 6 gen. This bracelet will make your iPod Nano 6 looks more stylish and protects your iPod again...