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Not For Sale by Koiichi
Kanji for wolf
Not For Sale by Koiichi
Not For Sale by data_reaper
This is a pendant of the symbol for therians About 4 hours of work made in rhino 4.0 If your interested in a paw print message me and i may be able...
$17.92 by TheRogueAndTheWolf
A Wolf ring to adorn your wild hands. The closest your fingers will come to a wolf without any bloodshed. Available in various sizes. Feel free to...
$35.69 by nakamura_shop
$45.52 by 3DKitbash
3DK Dog Skull with hinged jaw bone. Painstakingly skull-pted by professional toy sculptor. ...We'll have some animated shots up soon... If you lik...
$23.29 by Sear
A simple pendant design. Bale should be large enough now to fit most medium or smaller sized chains.
$36.99 by Vargulf
A stylized wolf head pendant. I wanted something with simple lines but an eye catching silhouette. This is the small version. I have made a slight...
$7.86 by WelshDesigns
$259.58 by tejbose
Chess pieces modeled after various animals. Lion, Lioness, Ram, Horse, Rhino and Wolf representing King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook and Pawn respe...