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$15.19 by Kenny_Van
This cuff has a minimal, but beautiful design with a pattern of lines going around your wrist. Available in all the Strong & Flexible material vari...
$14.60 by Kenny_Van
This twirly bracelet is available in all the S&F materials.
$19.96 by Enki-Saar
Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Being aware one of the biggest dilemmas in life doesn't mean you can't look gorgeous at the same time. Wh...
$29.99 by kspaho
Come at me bro..., stainless, etremely thin wires, light weight, but tough! Available in most plastics...
$6.23 by zulubo
Six mobius strips for very little money! Granted, they are little mobiuses, but they are still awesome. The minimum price for any one model is $1.5...
$29.67 by r4kken
$6.73 by kipiripi
Everytime Be Ready for War, 'Warning Axe' waiting on your Wall :) Very light mini wall decor so easy to hang with pin or tape.
$20.21 by Dotsan
A lying down kitten is an ideal companion for that sitting kitten. It plays with you on your desktop or plays with the others. Available in white s...
$12.43 by LuraSDesign
2014 is the Year of the Horse and red is a lucky color in China. Here comes a cute little red Pony for your desk.Successfully printed in red ! I...
$16.33 by LuraSDesign
still under construction - can be ordered but might be updated later