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$8.00 by javaco
Custom Whirl head i made to attach onto Energon Bulkhead. Head had a square hole in the bottom to add a balljoint socket of your choice.
$29.90 by Magic
See this post for more information. Check my other designs for Glazed Ceramics.
$19.99 by CohesiveProductDevelopment
Tired of losing things down the sink but don't want a slow drain? Get the best of both worlds. This sink drain whirlpool generator creates a whir...
Not For Sale by glaug
A set of hands and forearm joints to replace HftD Tomahawk's with something more like a certain blue helicopter robot. UNTESTED
$11.50 by fakebusker83
Version 1.5A pair of claw weapons for the HFTD Tomahawk figure! This design is inspired by the appearance of the Wrecker Whirl in the IDW comics, a...
$60.00 by RareBreed
A spiraling ram's horn pendant from RareBreed's Jewel Collection ©2012-2013.