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$45.09 by dkero
$7.14 by cjschmidt1494
A small spiral pyramid. A cool geometric shape to look at. Modeled to scale of the Great Pyramids of Giza. Hollow, yet sturdy construction.
$64.00 by JoseAB
A pair of earrings resembling the pine cone weights in traditional Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks (Schwarzbald Kuckucksuhr). It is recommended to att...
Not For Sale by TSE_Design
$19.88 by wuka
Cute hallow kettlebell pendant
$10.56 by SalsaDip
Dumb bell. Useful for miniature figurines, about 3cm in length from end to end.
$115.05 by Kamen
This is simply coffee-tea-cappuccino cup..and you can easily blend all the goods in the bottom :). The gear mechanism is not sealed. If you need an...
$68.64 by Kamen
Multilayer Open Sphere to play :)Presse Papier. Paperweight.
$79.95 by Kamen
Multilayer Open Sphere Light to play. HandHeld Toy . Paperweight .Presse Papier.
$32.69 by darkmatterdesign
Tessellate a few Dark spiral to make an interesting art piece on your table. Truly a wonderful desk toy just for you. What a mathematical beauty.