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$5.43 by KLeSaint
A set of 4 medieval daggers/swords. Each sword is approximately 2.5 inches in length, perfect for customizing your 6" action figures.
Not For Sale by Windblade-zero
This is an updated version of the ancient mech sword i added gears and redesigned most lines to make it look smoother but overall better in mos asp...
Not For Sale by Windblade-zero
this is actually the same as the 2.0 but has a rotatory peg and actually it wasnt that easy, since i had to make it strong enough
$20.17 by WillLaPuerta
Set of Aztec weapons sized to fit LEGO Minifigures. Includes two of each of the following: axe, shield, Macuahuitl (Wood and obsidian sword), Tecpa...
$7.00 by TreadshotA1
Not For Sale by Dawgstar
This sword is fitted with the standard 5mm peg and will fit most transformers and other figures such as TMNT.
$6.75 by TreadshotA1
"Dangerous conduct. The Shock Fangs fire nothing but electricity, conjuring orbs at distance and burning wires up close. Conjured orbs have a mediu...
$11.12 by Benjdude
The flanged mace is 1 part club, 1 part axe, and a whole lotta pain! Fits in a standard 5mm peg but is sized a bit larger than many of my other wea...
$2.20 by mcubillo
SCAR H Rifle for Lego Figures
$9.25 by TreadshotA1