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$5.58 by scarletkitsune
Just like the one in the anime/manga Cardcaptor Sakura! This one is small enough to be worn around your neck though. Just loop a thin chain or rope...
Not For Sale by implexity
Always in Potter-esque font with Harry's wand spearing it.
$14.56 by vitorbravin
Harry Potter inspired pendant
$13.95 by ChrisArtscapes
$22.72 by ChrisArtscapes
A wand I made.
$53.54 by Tjaart
For years a wizard hid the Wand of Lethargy under the bed of his students he did not want to teach. He was very picky about what students was sent ...
$69.10 by Tjaart
The Wand of Warping was found in the Western Seas when a fishing boat dragged it of the shallow shores in a area known as "The whorls" It is of elv...
$62.31 by Tjaart
This is a Wand of Hoarfrost, freeze your enemies or keep your drink cool on long desert journeys! The Wand of Hoarfrost was constructed by a ice-gi...
$45.14 by Tjaart
Novice mermaids use to practise their water magic with these wands of the sea. They are grown on corals and when they are ready to be imbued the wa...
$51.99 by Tjaart
The Wand of Shattering was used by the clean-up crews of the mage-lords to get rid of destroyed wizard towers and buildings. The magically enhanced...