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$94.00 by samgore
$12.58 by monitep
Ring with a vortex shape.Internal diameter available from 14mm to 22mm.
$3.64 by Atropos907
A vortex craft designed to compact sufficiently for vortex travel, and then deploy to a combat role projecting power throughout the galactic vortex...
$15.19 by ForceRelics
Force Relics Vortex 1 inch blade plug. A 1 inch 3D printed blade plug for custom sabers.
$3.16 by Atropos907
$13.50 by Simon_Cmrk
Forged in the seething flames of Mount Stereolithomoria, this ring feels warm to the touch. Still unsettled in its final form, it might change shap...
$48.98 by unellenu
'Radial Tubular' Spiral vortex model.Use a table-top sculpture or hang it up as a room decoration.The unellenu store on shapeways - for design...
$62.66 by Vortino
Led Desk Lamp
$30.50 by liquidbuddha
$22.32 by baltimore
vortex buckle no marks