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$65.72 by kurtoon
Centers and edges of a dodecahedron are catalysts for voronoi fracturing and extrusions resulting in a dimensional mandalic starburst.
$97.20 by MindEversion
A spherical gyroid with voronoi structure.
$23.32 by froland
Dodecahedron filled by a dense neuron-like mesh with a total surface area of 600cm^2.
$271.98 by froland
Heavy physics paperweight when glued on marble.Artistic impression of the Physics experiment described by this research highlight:http://hasylab.de...
$7.22 by froland
For napkins or anything else, Voroni always looks good. This one has 111 voroni holes.Get the egg cup for a fitting table setting:http://www.shapew...
Not For Sale by froland
Bowl with Voroni structure.
$18.75 by froland
Eierbecher means egg cup in German. This one is wrapping the egg in a very strudy Voroni structure.A unique table setting. Check out the fitting na...
$17.12 by rithmikansur
Beautiful voronoi inspired snowflake ornament with a moss like appearance. Named "Carraigín" after the Gaelic word for moss. Approximately 3" tall...
$12.00 by rithmikansur
Beautiful voronoi inspired snowflake ornament with a coral like appearance. Named "La Mer" after the French translation for "The Sea". Approximatel...
$12.00 by rithmikansur
Intricate voronoi inspired snowflake ornament with a delicate root like appearance. Named "Radic Delicate" after the latin translation for the phra...