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$98.76 by Laxy
Beautifully ornate Runed Khorne Pendant. Optimised for Metallic Printing.
$6.49 by yari976
$9.58 by stefan_z
Guybrush Threepwood from the all time classic Monkey Island! A must for every true vintage gamer's desk! ;-) Only few pixels had to be poped to...
$8.33 by stefan_z
 Guybrush Threepwood from the all time classic Monkey Island!Front and back are the same on this one, but there are two holes Ø 6mm / 2...
$45.76 by Imperat
$25.10 by sans_fi
Not For Sale by SewerShark
Purple Tentacle from the "Day of the Tentacle" game. Due some production problems wich I've failed to fix, the model is no longer available for sal...
$2.98 by m_scafini
This model accompanies the 'Keaton Mask'. To aid in the painting process, I made the nose a separate piece that simply pops into the front cavity ...
$69.40 by Polysquid
Sturdy Companion Cube necklace in Steel. Also in Black Plastic for keyrings.
$35.22 by MHFD
Additional hardware for AC:4 Kenway style baldric. Two of the "Shoe buckles" will need to be heated and bent into the appropriate warped shape. ...