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$80.00 by EmergingObjects
Not For Sale by zlwilly
It's a scale model of a steam vessel, like a miniaturized boiler. Modeled by Zachary Williamson.
Not For Sale by megtalley
Your face, made into a vase! Able to combine up to 3 faces to create a unique decorative piece.
$129.95 by systemsfail
$136.00 by tetague
$60.00 by EmergingObjects
$37.73 by polkageist
A small pot with a handle accented with simple straight bands around the body. This is a perfect container for cream, salad dressing or any other p...
Not For Sale by Kubius
A starship originally created in Star-Made (star-made.org). Rough and ready, the Kessel is a highly versatile platform whose plethora of interior h...
Not For Sale by Kubius
A modified version of the Kessel ( https://www.shapeways.com/model/1651260 ) that has been trimmed down and had some details modified, most notably...
$29.99 by equilux
A 1:1200 scale model of the Wind Turbine Installation Vessel MPI Discovery in its underway configuration.