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$120.00 by bitstoatoms
Size 6 Size 7 Size 8 Size 9 Size 10 Size 11 Size 12 The Skull Ring by Bits to Atoms is 3D printed with a slightly tessellated surface finish hint...
$8.30 by Arran87
25MM Internal circumference. Unisex Ring
$59.00 by LucasPlus
Shield yourself from negativity with the ring that protects you from those bad vibes! Think of 3 good things that you're thankful for, and I guara...
$26.89 by JBDesign
For those who serve their country... For brothers who fight side by side... For those who will never give up, even if the odds are against them.....
$44.96 by SiouX
remarkable Ring with belt-design. Default size is 18.5 mm inner diameter. I recommend (glossy) silver. If you need a different ring-size, pleas...
$37.12 by richardclarkson
Unisex ring by nomiddlename
$104.37 by ekaterina
Unisex Bracelet... would look great either in silver or in rubber!
$35.22 by District2Design
TRITON RING Unique 3 sided ring each with a different pattern. Adjust to fit your mood swings. Size 10 US - additional sizes available upon reque...
$29.99 by SheilaMunro
Beautifully detailed 2.2 inch-long Raven Pendant. looks amazing in silver! :) The picture above is an actual photograph. :) Successfully printed in...
$4.40 by Caffeine
Shapeways Image Popper