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$8.68 by EtchedPixels
Pack of twently conversion mounts for Ultima coaches including pin. Sufficient for ten coaches. These replace the fold up etched bogie mount with ...
$22.14 by EtchedPixels
N scale Gresley clipped buffers. One hundred buffers including shanks. Designed for a 0.8mm mounting hole.
$7.81 by EtchedPixels
Set of 20 bogie mounts and pins designed to fit the standard bogie size centre used by Graham Farish, TPM, Ultima and The N Gauge Society bogies. ...
$22.21 by EtchedPixels
Pack of 100 Gresley buffers with shanks. Designed to fit a 0.8mm mounting hole.
$6.76 by EtchedPixels
These use the pin to locate the bogie so can be used either Ultima coaches or generically.
$12.00 by 3DLudi
Each of the faces shows an eight bit graphic depicting scenes from Ultima. ‹A series of open world fantasy role-playing video games from Origin ...
$11.00 by Rolo50
Replacement ankh for the trinket included in Ultima IV. Approximate size and shape based on photos.