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$16.72 by Enki-Saar
If there's a ring that symbolizes cutting edge 3D printed jewelry... this is the one. This ring has an inner diameter of 18mm. For different sizes...
$5.65 by Kenny_Van
A twisted 8-pointed star someone asked me to make one of these so I'm putting it up You can use this as a pendant, paperweight, ... whatever you ...
$20.40 by AnkhsPaw
The Ankhs Paw logo in Charm format.
$34.49 by IanGarrett
This pendant design is a smaller version of my Twisted Cleff Sculpture. The design was inspired by the idea of knot designs found in Celtic and Isl...
Not For Sale by implexity
Implexity Designs will customize this piece upon request. A one-time $10 set-up fee is required for each customization. Simply PayPal the fee to im...
$40.96 by arkonisus
$9.07 by GHP
Three strands intertwined. Inside diameter is 6.5cm.
$5.40 by GHP
Two strands twisted together (but now fused together, unlike Stripes Bangle 2, to allow printing in silver, brass and bronze). Inside diameter is ...
$6.45 by GHP
A wider (and showier) version of the stripes bracelet, with two separate (not fused) strands twisted together. Inside diameter ~6.5cm.
$20.10 by NightxAngel16
This is my first independently modeled and rendered sphere, ready to print. It took me a little while and was not the original idea I had had. My s...