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$11.65 by Chengarda
This is the turtle. Under his serene facade, is but another.
$30.14 by fraochdha
This Hawaiian style pendant mixes the beauty and grace of a Honu (Sea Turtle) with the fierceness of the shark tooth pattern as found in Polynesian...
$61.06 by sdownie
Smallish pendant of a Honu Turtle from Hawaii. Was an anniversary gift to my wife (our honeymoon was in Hawaii). Picture shown in sterling silver. ...
$117.37 by markflorquin
$24.48 by Michael_Milano
This is Doug, the first of many DiddleBugs! He's a part of a silly group of woodland critters who are always getting themselves into trouble :)
Not For Sale by Schaeffer
I made these for mothersday to give to, well, my mother.The turtle symbolizes the earth mother in some Native-American traditions. As a totem anima...
$5.29 by Lord_Herobrine
In the watery swamps of bimbaloo, the Ingenious Blorr-Bigery swims through the thick water. One day, he gets very hot and decides to move to your h...
$9.14 by pinelas
Turtle Cufflinks. Photographs made to Antique bronze matte material example. We can customize this model to your needs, please don't hesitate to c...
let see my turtle's paperweight... the head fits into the body, so you can fill it with sand or other heavy material. A small hammer to lock the he...
$8.39 by WelshDesigns