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$57.04 by hazy_v
News flash bitches: turrets kill! (http://www.borderlands2.com/us/)
$15.75 by GrimDarkBits
$15.83 by Atropos907
A Crystal Hover turret to be used by 25mm scale minis such as Shard
$55.00 by Atropos907
A larger hover Turret for slow recon or long distance overwatch with my vor minis.
$5.70 by 3gfisch
successful printed in WSF
$28.30 by WillLaPuerta
Abrams tank I modeled as an example for my Intro to Maya class. The turret turns freely 360 degrees.
$22.63 by 3gfisch
Now you can play Fieldrunners in Real! :-P This is the basic Turret of Fieldrunners (Game for iPhone and iPad..). The turret can be rotate 360° li...
$64.00 by sbruins
"I see you..."Available in US ring sizes 8-13See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring_size for ring size reference.Default Ring size is 9-3/4Material ...
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$7.50 by MiniMunitions
WWI British MG